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Technical Marketing Engineer/Manager/Director

Senior Technical Marketing Manager, specializing in SSE, SASE, Cybersecurity, Networking and Zero Trust. Excellent presentation, demo & video creation, technical writing and customer facing skills.

Everything I have ever done during the course of my unique career has been focused on the customer and their experience and I am able to create any type of beneficial customer asset or present to a group of technical advisors or executives and tell a relatable story that will compel and interest them in investing in the company I represent.
LITHEGOL: The Prophecy
This new chapter to the legend of King Arthur begins in the year 2025. Michael Brenlan is a 15-year-old boy who was born with incredible and unusual abilities, that are only becoming more powerful and he doesn’t know why. He learns from his parents that his destiny is to become a great leader. They present him with a box that only he can open on his Anointing day or his 16th birthday. Once Michael opens that box, he begins to discover his true potential within the Kingdom of Lithegol. He must stop the Legion of Gaddin and learn to harness the magical power of Sullice on his way to fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the High Sentinel. The fate of the world is at stake, as the Legion has taken over the United States government and is rolling out a storm of evil to blanket the Earth.
Welcome to my channel. I am a classically trained vocalist and I am all about the full experience of each performance. Who is the artist? What is the meaning of the story behind the song? How did the artist produce the sound to perform it? How does the performance genuinely touch or entertain me? We are all on this journey of life together and music is the common bond that can lift us, bring us enjoyment and entertain us as we come together in an enriching experience. Come join us, friends.
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