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This is a series of Middle Grade Fantasy books that provides a unique new chapter to the King Arthur legend. They are set in the future and center around a prophecy. The prophecy states that a High Sentinel will rise up and take his place as the leader of Lithegol. This new leader will enter Avalon and then Camelot and will be the only knight able to reach into the Hallowed Sphere and retrieve the Royal Tokens and wield Excalibur. He will eventually lead the armies of Lithegol in the End of Days War against the Legion of Gaddin and the largest army of half-dragon Sulgons ever assembled.

LITHEGOL: The Prophecy

The year is 2025 and the half-dragon super-soldiers of the Legion of Gaddin have taken over the government of the United States. They have discovered a powerful Gaddite Core Cluster and will do anything to obtain it, including kidnap Michael's father. Michael must avoid being captured, open his special capsule and learn to tap into the power of Sullice. He is helped along the way by Giants, Elves, Dwarves and Faeries from other realms as they set out to destroy the Cluster, rescue his father and journey to Avalon, where he must unlock the Hallowed Sphere of Camelot and fulfill the prophecy of the High Sentinel.

Lithegol: The Legion Uprising


Coming In Spring of 2023
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